What To Eat? cont.

It truly can be surprising that diabetics are not so restricted regarding food as it seems! This is because of the old times when asking a medic what to eat being a diabetic you were given a long list of contraindications.

Impressive tally of the food the patient was not allowed to eat. The days of “do’s and don’ts” are over now. What replaced the strict lists is just a balanced diet and a healthy way of living. Actually, today diabetics make chances to what they eat but not directly because of the medic’s recommendation. They do that to achieve for example a healthy weight, to make their blood pressure appropriate and so on.

They do that because thought they take meds, they realise that their diet has a huge influence on their bodies work. Controlling blood fat level or glucose level is possible thanks to the proper diet. And it doesn’t mean you must turn away from your favourite dishes no no. It means your diet must be balanced. A bit of everything, not too little and not too much.

The food pyramid is very helpful if you want to create healthy diet.
The food pyramid is very helpful if you want to create healthy diet.

However you may still wonder that maybe you should avoid something? Well, before you were diagnosed, most probably you spotted you were getting thirsty quickly. This syndrome can be dropped by laying off sugary drinks. This is not like you have to do it, it is just something you may make it work if you feel any discomfort now. I stopped drinking sugary drinks but that was due to lose weight a little bit.

And what I can say is that not only did I lose a few needless kilograms but I also feel much better! I am lighter and I can feel it. Have no problem getting upstairs what is my small success since before I did it I had used to get breathless after few steps. Weight changes everything so yeah,  it is good reason to give sugar a miss, I really recommend it, it is really worth trying. Better condition is a certainty.