About me

I am a teacher living with Type 2 Diabetes. This blog is not to give you any medical advice since I am not a doctor nor a nurse. I am just a person who know the disease personally. I’ve been handling with diabetes for a long long time and here I want to share my personal experiences with all the people that go through the same as me, people whose family of friend do or people who are just curious to hear something bout living with diabetes.

I am from South Carolina, USA but live in New Hamptons with my wonderful husband and 2 adorable daughters. I was diagnosed with the disease over 20 years ago when I was just 12. As a kid that was to me like the world’s going to collapse!

No cakes, no chocolate, no sheets at all, till the en of my life. What’s the point to live I was wondering… The only consolation was when I was told I can eat one piece of my birthday cake every year! Wee! 😀 But that was when the medicine was not so developed as today. Indeed living used to be much harder, especially for diabetes. Now I am really thankful to have many new tools for care and better insulin of course. Unquestionably, nowadays we have many more devices that help us to easier manage diabetes. Also, thanks to the new technologies I do not need to restrict myself to only one piece of cake a year!

Isn’t it amazing? Trust me, it is. In 2009 I started running this blog to support other diabetics and show you my dears. It is a great elevation to me that every time I post something new, I know there are mor of you interested in what I’m writing. Hope this blog is not only interesting but also very helpful you some of you who indeed need somebody’s help, support or just a cheering word.

I post about my travelling experiences and different culinary customs from around the world.

No cokies? Are you kidding me? Just maintain balanced diet, that's it.
No cokies? Are you kidding me? Just maintain balanced diet, that’s it.