Let’s visit Krakow and savor Polish food!

We spend our last weekend in Poland. We have been planned it since July but there was not so much time to be honest. First, Mark, my husband had a lot of work so we couldn’t afford such trip regarding time. However, finally we managed to visit Krakow and eat amazing polish food!

Best polish food ever

Barszcz - bst Polish foodNo time seemed to be good to go to Poland. Too much work to do, too many responsibilities to handle. Finally, when I was done, Mark just conformed with me and took a few days off. In fact, I didn’t know that we were going to visit Krakow. It was a surprise from Mark! He just couldn’t wait polish food! My husband is a real gourmand so each time we visit his parents, we always make something like food tour around the Krakow. Believe me, the city is just a perfect place for food tour! It’s due to the fact that there are plenty of good restaurants with delicious traditional polish food! 

Although polish food usually means meat and kind of fatty dishes, there are also some light dishes. Despite I don’t eat meat, I always try polish food while I visit Krakow. On the other hand, Mark simply loves meat and fat! He has his favorite spots with the best golonka or pierogi in the city – absolute hits of polish food. For me, the best Polish dish is beetroot soup with a cream and chives. I tried to do it myself, but never did it in a proper way. That’s why I always order it in Polish restaurant while we visit Krakow.

Visit Krakow and discover its history!

To be honest, every time when we visit Krakow, we don’t see much historical places. Usually, we sit with Mark’s family and eat polish food… However, this time was a little bit different. Since we had more time Mark has hit upon an idea to show me more in the city. We’ve decided to visit Krakow in a different way, more like real tourists! But regarding our poor sense of direction we’ve just taken an organised Krakow walking tour round the city.

Well, it occurred to be a great idea! We discovered amazing history of the city which is really impressive. Of course, I saw Wawel castle, the Dragon den and I walked by the Vistula riverside before. However, I’ve never visited it as I should. This time, a local guide explained us everything inside out. In fact, I didn’t know about the dragon legend!

This is the interior of our favourite Krakow's restaurant in The Old City.
Our favorite Krakow’s restaurant in The Old City – delicious polish food!

Additionally, we discovered Kazimierz Quarter and its Jewish history. We were totally charmed by beautiful Jewish synagogues and Jewish cemeteries. In another district – Podgórze, we saw former Jewish ghetto and the famous Schindler’s Factory.

Best Vegetarian places in Krakow

In fact, there are plenty vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Krakow. I always have a problem with decision – which place should I choose this time? Here are my top 3 vege restaurants that its worth to go to if you visit Krakow:

Samosas – not only Polish food in Krakow!
  1. Glonojad – a small and cozy restaurant located on Matejki Square. It offers wide range of Asian dishes, fresh salads, soups, vegan cakes and delicious smoothies.
  2. Krowarzywa – The best vege burgers in the city! They are simply incredible. A lot of vegetables, good bread and the best vege cakes ever.
  3. HariPrasad Samosa & Curry – probably the smallest restaurant in Krakow that I’ve been to. They sell best samosas in the world! Beside samosa, there is an Indian dishes, different for each day.