What To Eat?

Many people after being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes are not really sure what they can and what the cannot eat. Many of you guys send me requests as to the food. So I decided to drop a few words regarding this subject area.

First let me remind you I am not a doctor nor any medicine specialist of professional so all the things you are gonna  read here are just my experiences, my reflections and all the practices that I practice and that you would like to implement in your own practise you should absolutely consult with your doctor first.

Okey, whichever Type of diabetes you are diagnosed we all face the same immemorial problem “What to eat?”. Though the times have changed, many of you guys still think that we diabetics can eat almost nothing. That’s not true. Just check out a few of many bookmarks on this blog to find many of my recipes and realise how delicious food we eat indeed.

Well it is still seen like diabetics must strictly stick to dozens of rules, bans, orders, tasks, appointments etc. etc. Indeed, we must stick strictly to our rules but there are not so much of them. Let me say it – diabetes is not like the world’s gonna collapse! It is really possible to live with this disease normally just like other sound people. I understand it may seem kinda overwhelming and little bit daunting but it doesn’t have to.

Typical portion of food of mine.
Typical portion of food of mine.

The only you need to do to prevent from the disease to turns your whole life upside down is to turn on your creativity. What makes me laugh the most are popular myths about what diabetics can and cannot eat. Most probably these are people that has nothing in common with diabetes disease. Why I guess so? Because the only right answer for such question is “anything”. Yes, indeed, you can eat anything after you’re diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. Read more…